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Despite the fact that Isle of Man is not inside the European Economic Area (EEA) i.e. the European Union, storing data on the Isle of Man does not conflict with the principle of not transferring data outside of the EEA, as confirmed by the member states of the EEA. (If you'd like to read up more on this you can visit the European Parliament Agreement and Isle of Man Government Overseas Transfer documents).

England has held a popular vote to exit (Brexit) the European Union. However, this is proving to be a very slow process and its final form is yet to be determined. This will not affect the Isle of Man in any way as the Isle is completely self-governing. The Isle of Man also has the longest existing continuous parliment in the world.

There are a number of benefits to hosting on the Isle of Man.

The first of these benefits is that when storing your data on the Isle of Man, your data will stay on the Isle of Man, and not float from one country to another simply because the price of data storage changes.

Another key benefit is that there is no worry about your data being automatically requested from governments and companies, unlike in countries such as America, where automatic access to data has become a big problem for many people. In the Isle of Man, data cannot be transferred off a client's server without an Isle of Man court order. So when asking about data protection in the Isle of Man, hopefully you will have a much more informed idea of how it works and the benefits.

In other words, a corporation or government would have to appear physically in the Isle of Man and file an civil action in the courts of the Isle of Man, (represented by a local attorney) which is a very expensive and time consuming operation.

That said, using Isle of Man domains for illegal purposes, including file sharing sites, can result in the official registrar seizing your domain name and shutting you down. The Isle of Man is not the wild west, but it does offer a number of features placing your site out of the reach of U.S. and American state authorities and also European authorities. For example, although online gambling may be illegal some places in the U.S., gambling sites operate on the Isle of Man without any problems. The Isle of Man is also a significant location for crypto financial (Bitcoin) operations.

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